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Empire's Roast - Thailan Kao Jai

Empire's Roast - Thailan Kao Jai

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When you are busy expanding a Galactic Empire, this dark roast coffee is the ticket.

The Empire's Roast is a rare coffee from Thailand that has been meticulously grown and roasted to create the smoothest dark roast coffee on the market. Grown in smaller batches this bean is truly a unique coffee experience. It also gives you force wielding powers. Ok probably not but can you really pass up on that chance?

Roast: Dark

Tasting Notes: Milk chocolate, honey, and a hint of citrus

Single Origin: Thailand - Chiang Rai province

Best For: Building planet sized space stations, learning how to wield laser swords, and looking cool in all white armor (even if it doesn't seem to help much).


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Easily the best combination in the multiverse. Whether you are a Marvel, DC, or indie comic fan this coffee just makes reading your favorite comic books even better. Not sure you believe us? Save 15% on your first bag of coffee with us by using the code HERO15 at checkout. After that we know you'll be hooked. Coffee and comic books. This is the way.

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