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Coffee 'n' Capes



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No matter how many lives you've used up, Respawn brings you back better than before. Or at least a little more awake. 

Roast: Medium

Tasting Notes: Brown sugar, cashew, milk chocolate, citrus

Fair Trade-certified

Single Origin: Peru - Chanchamayo

Best For: People with late night gaming habits that keep saying things like "as soon as I beat this level I'll go to bed", or "it's only 2am, I can stop at 3am and get 4 hours of sleep before work". Or for regular people who just love a great cup of coffee.


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Get your favorite Coffee 'n' Capes coffee delivered automatically to your door every month. Choose from one or two bags of delicious roasted to order coffee and save.

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Choose your perfect pairing. Tasty delicious premium coffee and an epic story from your choice of Marvel, DC, or an independent publisher. Simply choose your publisher, choose your roast and then kick back and relax. Want two bags and two comics each month? We can do that too. All comics come bagged and boarded and are brand new. Our coffee and comics are stored and shipped separately so the comics are fresh in look, feel and smell.

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