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Coffee 'n' Capes

Coffee 'n' Capes Heroically Great Coffee Mug (12 oz)

Coffee 'n' Capes Heroically Great Coffee Mug (12 oz)

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What better way to enjoy your Coffee 'n' Capes coffee than out of your Heroically Great Coffee mug. It pairs great with all of our premium coffees while listening to Dave and John talk geek culture on the podcast.

Does not give you superpowers. Coffee does though, maybe.

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Easily the best combination in the multiverse according to the council of Kangs. Coffee and comicbooks are our speciality so we figured we would put them together in one perfect offering. With every bag of our premium small-batch roasted coffee you get a new run comic bagged and boarded FREE. Read it, collect it, give it away to someone who will love it. Drink the coffee though, its pretty darn good.

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