Jerry Erb!!!

Congratulations Jerry! We will be sending your prize package out shortly of:

Venom Lethal Protector Previews Funko

Spawn #327 CGC 9.8

Ghost Rider special edition collectors lunch box!

Each month we reset the clock on the Golden Funko so grab your Super Box now and be entered for the November Golden Funko!

The Golden Funko

Each month we will announce the winner of the Golden Funko here. This page is found by scanning the QR code that came in a Coffee 'n' Comics Super Box.

The winner will be announced on the 5th of the month after the month closes out. This gives us time to randomly select the winner from all the entries that month.


So what do you win? Not only do you win that month's amazing and epic prize, you will also get an actual golden Funko Pop (plastic gold, not gold gold...we aren't Richie Rich people). You can proudly display your Golden Funko on a shelf to look at daily and know that you won.

Even if you didn't win though you got some epic coffee and comic books making you a winner anyway, and there is always next month!

How To Be Entered

It's pretty simple. You purchase a Coffee 'n' Comics Super Box either as a one time purchase or a subscription and you are automatically in the running for the Golden Funko prize. So not only do you get heroically great coffee and comic books delivered to your door, you get a chance at some epic prizes like comic books signed by the artist, CGC / CBCS graded slabs, collectible figures, or other cool memorabilia from the comic book world.

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