Now you can pre-order all your favorite comics every month and get them shipped directly to your home thanks to the Coffee 'n' Capes Previews Pullbox program and save 10-15% off each comic!!!

So how does the program work? We are glad you asked!


Scan the QR code and create an account with Previews World Pullbox. Once you have created an account with PullBox scroll down the left column and find the store locator section and locate COFFEE 'n' CAPES and you're off.

Of course you can also email us at and say "hey add me to your pullbox please" and we will send you an email invite.


Use your new found power to puruse the Previews World Pullbox site and start adding titles to your orders. Make sure you pay attention to release dates so you know when to expect your comics. FOC (final order cutoff) dates are often over a month and a half out, sometimes more, than the actual release date. So check your email often for new upcoming comic announcements and of course at the button below.



Kick back and wait for your invoice to arrive, pay the invoice and enjoy your comics! (Also read important details below about a few key items including how your discount works...). Easy as pie, and who doesn't like pie?

The Little Details That Matter

Each month we collect your comics for the month as they arrive in your pull-box here at Coffee 'n' Capes HQ. Then at the end of the month we send you an invoice for the total amount of your comics that arrived, you pay the invoice, and we ship direct to you (all comics are bagged and boarded for safer travel).

We require all invoices to be paid within two weeks of receiving them. During this time we are pulling comics as they come in for your next order. We do not add comics mid-month to the prior months invoice. Each month is invoiced and shipped separate. Are there perks you ask to having a pull-box with us? Yep there sure is.

Each pull-box member gets an automatic 10% savings on all of their pre-ordered and subscription comics every month! If you are a VIP member you get a 15% discount on all qualifying orders. And of course if your order is over $50 you qualify for free shipping.

What happens if I don't clear my box on time? Failure to settle your invoice before the middle of the month will result in a suspension of the account and of all new subscription privileges until the customer has caught up with their current box.

Upon settling their current box suspended customers can re-activate all of their pull privileges and subscription abilities within the program. However suspended customers who have been reinstated will be required to clear their box on time for 3 months before they are eligible for their full discount savings. If a customer fails to clear their box in the allotted time once being re-instated Coffee 'n' Capes reserves the right to suspend all future pull and subscription privileges within the store indefinitely or until a time we deem otherwise.