The Coffee 'n' Comic Super Box

The Coffee 'n' Comic Super Box is here! In every box you will get a coffee of the month chosen from over 50 coffee's from around the world, along with a handful of epic comic books from publishers like Marvel, DC Comics, BOOM!, Image, and more to read while you sip your coffee. It's the perfect combination!

Have questions on how it works? Read on True Believers!

  • New Comics, Variants, & More

    Each box includes a handful of epic comics curated to be worth more than what you spend! Whether it's a bunch of new comic releases, high valued variant covers, or ratios, each box will be a killer deal, we promise.

  • Heroically Great Coffee Every Month

    Love coffee as much as we do? Well each month you will get to try a new coffee from around the world. With over 50 different roasts in our arsenal we will send you a tasty new adventure every month in each box.

  • Be Entered for a Chance to Win

    Like our old pal Willy, we place a golden ticket monthly into one random box. Get the golden ticket and you win the month's prize! Prizes can be graded slabs, comic figures, and other cool stuff.

  • Subscribe Monthly & Save 15%

    Want an even sweeter deal? Subscribe to the Super Box monthly and save 15% off the price! WHAT??? We must be crazy, but hey what can we say, we like to give a good value for your money.

Great Comics + Epic Coffee = WIN WIN

Subscribe or purchase it as a one off gift for friends or family. The Coffee 'n' Comic Super box is the prefect experience.

Each box comes with a bag of our Heroically Great Coffee from around the world. Expertly roasted for a flavorful experience you'll enjoy a different coffee in each box.

Oh and the comics! Every box comes with a handful of comics picked for perfection by our team from a variety of new comics, hot variants, killer ratios & more. And because we believe in providing value with our products the combination of comics and coffee will exceed the price you paid, every single time.



Every contest has rules. This one is no different. But it is a whole lot more awesome.

Read each bullet carefully and in full by clicking the the down arrow for each item. Failure to do so and understand the rules can result in a win being invalidated and presented to the next randomly drawn contest entrant.

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How is my coffee selected?

When you order select the roast you want. Each month our team picks a fresh new roast from our offerings to bring you a new heroically great coffee experience.

What comics do I get?

Each month we select a number of either newer releases, variant covers, or ratios for you. Comics come bagged and boarded and will have never been read. Fresh from the press to your door.

Subscribe to Save

Purchase the Super Box as a one time gift for yourself or a friend, or subscribe monthly and save 15%!

How many comics are in each box?

It varies based on comic value and subscriber tier. Higher tier boxes have more comics or higher valued comics than lower tiers. But each tier comes with multiple comics per box.

Can I get more than one bag of Coffee?

Not at this time. Though each box comes with a code for 15% off a bag of coffee so if you need a little more caffeine in your life you can save.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Simply emails us at 2 weeks before your subscription is due to renew and let us know you want to cancel (though why would you ever do that is beyond us).

Can I subscribe only to Coffee?

Of course! Go to any of our premium coffee selections and subscribe from there. Simple as that.

Is there a less expensive option?

Yep. You can subscribe to the Monthly Coffee 'n' Comic which includes one comic and one bag of coffee each month.