Epic Coffee & Amazing Comics For a Year

Every day should start with Heroically Great Coffee from Coffee 'n' Capes and stories from our favorite heroes like Green Lantern here. That is why we want to give someone a full year of our new Coffee and a Comic subscription FREE


Here at Coffee 'n' Capes we source out only the finest beans from around the world for our single origins and unique blends. Sure the names may be fun and light hearted but what's inside we take very seriously and it shows. With every sip of each cup you will say "now that's Heroically Great Coffee".

How To Enter

It's simple. Sign-up for the Coffee 'n' Capes newsletter and wait to see if you're the winner. That's it. Want to improve your chances? Go to our Instagram, like the contest post you see here, comment, tag a friend, share the post (tag us so we know), and give us a follow. You get an extra entry for each action. That's up to FOUR additional entries. Easy peasy.

We even added a button right here to take you straight to the page.


The Rules of the Game

Every contest has rules. This one is no different. But it is a whole lot more awesome.

Read each bullet carefully and in full by clicking the the down arrow for each item. Failure to do so and understand the rules can result in a win being invalidated and presented to the next randomly drawn contest entrant.

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Subscribe to Coffee 'n' Capes Newsletter

You'll get awesome coffee brewing tips, comic news, and great deals...you're welcome. This is a must step. Winners will be announced via email.

Be 18 y.o. Or Older

Yep you have to be at least 18 y.o. to enter.

Follow, Like & Tag for Extra Entries

Go to @coffee_n_capes on Instagram and like the contest post, comment, tag a friend, share the post (tag us so we know), and give us a follow. Do all that and get four extra entries.

U.S. Residents Only

Sorry Canadian family. This contest is only open to U.S. residents at this time. We will be doing another one down the line though for U.S. and Canada so keep an eye out.

Be a Coffee & Comics Fan

It isn't really a rule persay but it is pretty important.

Winner Announcement

This is important. Winners will be announced via email when the contest closes so don't mess up that email when you enter.

If you are selected as the winner you have 7 days from the date of notification to respond. Failure to respond within 7 days will result in a new winner being chosen and your win will be invalidated.

The Small Print

Comics sent in subscription will be new run comics and not of similar value to those listed in the contest page here.

Winner will have the ability to select the publisher they receive a comic from each month from a list of available publishers.

Comics come bagged and boarded and shippied in Gemini mailers.

Coffee will be selected from available list by winner. Coffee and comic publisher may be changed monthly by notifying company of new selection now later than 3 weeks prior to new shipment.