Coffee, comics, & community. It’s who we are and what we love. At Coffee ‘n’ Capes we seek out and roast only the best beans from farmers with sustainable, fair trade, practices. Then we roast each bag fresh when our customers order it. Why? Because we believe great coffee matters and goes far beyond a cool brand. Great coffee inspires, brings people together, and creates bonds of togetherness.

Also it just tastes better that way.



Coffee ‘n’ Capes began with two friends over a love of coffee and geek culture in Illinois. Mornings spent enjoying good company and good conversation led to the birth of the Coffee ‘n’ Capes podcast, something that is still going today.

From that ritual came the idea to find a way to use our love of coffee and comic books to do some good in the world. So Coffee ‘n’ Capes evolved into the coffee company you see before you today. Our goal became to bring premium, fair trade coffee that was rich in flavor to our community, but tied into the value of Do Good. So from the start we decided we would donate a portion of each bag of coffee sold to Feeding America to help end hunger in the US. But we didn’t stop there.

We chose to add comic books to our site to help share our love of combining coffee with great comic books. With each comic sold through Coffee ‘n’ Capes we will donate a portion to the Hero Initiative to help comic creators in need.

  • Quality & Sustainability

    It is our belief that these things shouldn’t be separate. That is why we look for the highest quality coffee beans from farms that practice sustainable farming practices to roast. The result is some heroically great tasting coffee that you can feel good about drinking.

  • Do Good

    Such a simple, yet incredibly powerful statement. From seeking out sustainable coffee farms, to using chemical free processing, to donating with every item we sell we are dedicated to the ideals held up by our favorite superheroes. Do good, even when it is the harder thing to do.

  • Equality & Inclusion

    Comic books have long stood for inclusion & equality in their storytelling. We believe these values shouldn’t just be represented in stories. We will, through our hiring practices, living wage policies, and community efforts always be a beacon of light for those around us.


    Freshly roasted when you order and delivered to your door. Subscribe and save on your favorite coffee monthly and stay caffeinated.


    Marvel, DC, Independent, and graded slabs, we've got them all. Want a fresh comic with your coffee? We have a subscription for that.

  • SWAG

    Super swanky apparel, mugs, tumblers and so much more. We keep adding mroe nerdtastic offerings to our swag line-up.