Coffee 'n' Capes Comic Book Overstock Sale!

Buy any overstock comic book and get a 2nd overstock comic book for half off. You don't even need a code, it just takes it off at checkout.

Shhhhhh! Don't let the secret out but this is our super secret sale of overstocked comics from Marvel, DC, Image, and more. Featuring your favorite charcters like the ever amazing Amazing Spider-Man, the Dark Knight himself Batman, SIKTC, and so much more. This is a once in a blue moon sale of newer run comics that we need to move so we can make room in the office for some hot new issues, graded CGC and CBCS titles, signed books and some pretty amazing key back issues. Not to mention we are getting ready to put out our first ever shop exclusive...but more on that later.

Epic way to grab some issues to fill your collection and get some solid reading in. Hurry though since once a title is out it is done and won't be re-stocked.

All comic books come bagged an boarded.

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