Top 5 Comics with Coffee for September 26th

Top 5 Comics with Coffee for September 26th

Welcome back True Believers to our weekly series where we run down the top five comics we are enjoying with this week's featured coffee roast. You know we love our community and are always interested in what you are reading and what Coffee 'n' Capes coffee you are drinking. So drop us a line at

And. here. we. go:


This week's featured coffee is Merv Pumpkin Spice. “Fall is around the corner and the dreaming turns to leaves on the ground, a chill to the air, and pumpkin spice coffee. Merv Pumpkin Spice is the perfect blend of pumpkin, cinnamon, and nutmeg to bring your morning, or afternoon, cup of coffee that touch of fall we all wait for every year”

Best for “Crisp fall mornings. Day dreaming while sipping and reading your favorite comic books or walking through the park.”  Merv Pumpkin Spice—a medium roast coffee so good you might even say it’s dreamy. 

On to the comics!

5. Agents of Atlas #1 (2019)

Brawn, Silk, Luna Snow, Wave, Aero, together again after their heroic adventures “saving the entire Pacific Region from an alien fire goddess!” This new Agents of Atlas team formed to fight Sindr, the Queen of Muspelheim and her fire dragons and fire goblins during the War of Realms. Now Amadeus Cho, Cindy Moon, Seol Hee, Pearl Pangan, Lei Ling,  are working to clean up the mess Sindr and that War left behind. But, wait! There’s more! These Agents also include Shang-Chi, Lin Lie, aka Swordmaster, Dan Bi, aka Crescent, and the leader of the Atlas Foundation, Jimmy Woo. Oh, and Isaac Ikeda, The Protector of Pan, also shows up. Whoever that is. (I only say that because the Agents of Atlas don’t seem to know him either.) Raz Malhotra, aka Giant-Man also makes a guest appearance. Whew! Big team! 

They are brought back together in part by cool new tech that “connected neighborhoods into a new metropolis…so you can stroll through Seoul, Tokyo, Jakarta, Mumbai, Madripoor, and Hilo in a single afternoon.” No passports, no tariffs, no customs checks, just check out amazing parts of the world. Sounds incredible! It is! …until the dragons show up. But wait! There’s still more in this issue. It concludes with a bonus story from the original Agents of Atlas…and more dragons!

P.S. Just as a tiny, little, aside, Agents of Atlas #1 is available as part of our 30% off Back Issue Bonanza Sale! (From the “forewarned is fair-warned file,” most of this week’s Top 5 can be found in our Back Issue Bonanza Sale.)


4. Moon Knight #8 (2007)

What do you do when Captain America himself comes by for a chat? If you’re Marc Spector, apparently, you tell him exactly what you think of the stupid Civil War he and Iron Man are waging, that’s what! Seems a bit out of character for Cap to go so out of his way just to yell at a guy…but Cap’s had a rough go of it lately and he’s not living his best life at this moment in time. Meanwhile, back into the night Moon Knight goes. This book, written by Charlie Huston with art by David Finch, clearly plays up the similarities with Batman: investigating a gruesome murder, beating up street level crooks, huddling with a police detective, and driving away in a fancy car. Moon Knight is a tortured soul, of that there can be no doubt. But you don’t have to be! Pick up this issue from our Back Issue Bonanza Sale and dive into Moon Knight’s world. 


3. The Mighty Captain Marvel #1 (2017)

The super hero Civil War II is over. (Not a moment too soon; what a bad “event” that was.) Carol Danvers is persona non grata for her former friends (with pretty good reason). Now she’s in charge of Alpha Flight, meaning she’s in space a lot. Like, a lot a lot. But when an alien refugee crisis hits earth, so does Captain Marvel. Until she’s back in space trying to figure out who this Kree child is that a shape shifting Bounty Hunter tried to kidnap. This book is written by Margaret Stohl with art by Ramon Rosanas.The big reveal in the final panel? We still don’t know who Shape shifting Bounty Hunter is, but they’ve shifted into looking like…Captain Marvel! That can’t be good. The Mighty Captain Marvel is available now in our Sale. 


2. New Avengers #11 (2004)

Written by Brian Michael Bendis, with an art team of David Finch, Danny Miki, Frank D’armata, and Richard Starkings, this issue is notable. You might even call it a Key issue. Why? The introduction of Ronin to the Avengers. Who is this mysterious character, as silent and as covered head to toe in black as Snake Eyes? (Hint: it is not the obvious answer!) The art style of this book is one of my all time favorites. The characters look almost real (without going full Alex Ross on us), facial expressions are distinct, hair colors are clear, bodies are appropriately proportioned for super heroes without being overly exaggerated. Yeah, Steve Rogers might be a bit too resting grumpy face, but I’ll take it. Cap, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, and Iron Man make for another fun team on this week’s list. This was a terrific time in Avengers history. New Avengers #11 is available in our Back Issue Bonanza Sale!


1. Radiant Black #18 (2021)

I recently ran into a friend who told me, “I feel like I’ve been talking with you a lot lately. Then I realized that’s because I’ve been catching up on episodes of your podcast so your voice has been in my head a bunch!” True believers, that perfectly encapsulates how I feel about Laurence Holmes, the writer of Radiant Black #18. Most days, I listen to at least some of his radio show on 670 The Score. I subscribe to his podcast, “House of L.” Thanks to the sharing he does on those media, I know he is a huge comic book and sci fi geek. (Plus, he’s a tortured White Sox fan like me.) In short, I’m a fan. And I feel like I talk with him a lot. But of course it is actually a one-way conversation. Regardless, I was thrilled to learn he got to write Radiant Yellow’s origin story for this issue (along with series creator, Kyle Higgins). I was even more thrilled to pick it up last week and read it. So. Good.

The way the story moves through time—mimicking Yellow’s powers!—is brilliant. Same goes for Stefano Simeone’s art as it presents this story weaving through time. I don’t want to reveal too much about the story, but I can tell you it is moving, sweet, poignant, and tragic. Naturally, it helps to have read the previous 17 issues. But in this case it isn’t required. If you are new to the Radiant Black universe (now officially called the Massive-Verse), this issue serves as a fine spot to jump on. So go pick up this book from your local comic book shop, grab yourself some heroically great Coffee ’n’ Capes coffee, and enjoy reading what makes Wendell George a heroic Radiant Yellow!

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