Single Origin or Blends?

Single Origin or Blends?

As you peruse our selection of Coffee ’n’ Capes roasts HERE, you will notice that we currently offer seven single origin roasts and five blends. What does that mean? What’s the difference? Which should you try?

Narrowed down to its most basic core, a single origin roast uses one particular type of coffee bean from a particular geographical area. As you might expect, a blend roast uses two or more types of coffee beans. 

Like our most beloved heroes, we stand for truth here at Coffee ’n’ Capes, so we will point out that in the coffee industry the term, ‘single origin’, ironically, lacks a single, official definition. A ‘single origin’ roast might mean all the beans came from the same particular small farm. But a roast that uses beans from different farms that are all in the same region, or even just from the same country, are also considered ‘single origin.’

Our single origin coffees are: 

Trying a single origin can be a great way to experience a coffee with an expressive, even unique, taste.   

On the other hand, blends utilize a variety of coffee beans carefully chosen to produce a pleasing flavor. Blends tend to offer more consistent flavor than single origin. 

Our roasts called Harleen’s DelightThe Trinity, Dynamic Duo, and X-Spresso are blends.

Neither single origin nor blend is inherently better than the other. As it is with comic books or movies, everyone’s preferences and circumstances differ. The good news is there is a coffee for just about every palate (also like with comics or movies!). We are proud to offer wonderful examples of both single origin and blends here at Coffee ’n’ Capes. 

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