Coffee, Comics, Community

Coffee, Comics, Community

Hello and welcome to our Coffee ’n’ Capes blog!

We intended to use this space to further share who we are as a company and what we hope to do in the world. 

“Further share”? Further from what? This is your first post!

Good point. How about this? Every bag of Coffee ’n’ Capes coffee includes this look at what we value: Coffee, Comics, Community.

Every bag of Coffee ’n’ Capes coffee includes why we focus on coffee, comics, and community:

Comic books have a rich history of storytelling, and inclusion. As children we turned to comics for inspiration through our favorite heroes. We dreamt of having super powers and helping those less fortunate. We donned capes made of blankets, shields made of cardboard, pretended to fly, and stood against injustice in our backyards.

As adults so many of those things still matter. Now our ritual of storytelling happens over premium coffee with friends and family. While we haven’t developed super powers (yet), we still believe that heroes are meant to help those less fortunate. 

With each bag sold we give back to our community, helping those in need. Just like the cape-wearing, shield-wielding icons we looked up to, we stand for truth, justice, and a better world for all.


Every bag of Coffee ’n’ Capes coffee is a piece of how we focus on coffee, comics, and community:

Obviously, every bag of our coffee contains, you know, coffee

Next, bag designs are inspired by our love of comic books. 

Most importantly, though, is how every bag of our coffee connects us to community and making the world better. $0.25 from every bag sold goes to Feeding America, the largest domestic hunger-relief organization, working to connect people with food and end hunger in the United States.

Did you know that in the USA, about 38 million people are experiencing food insecurity? That includes over 11 million children! We aim to help end that hunger. 

Looking ahead, in future posts here expect to find tips to enhance your coffee experience, deeper dives into some of our terminology, updates on our partnership with Feeding America, and entertaining (probably even silly) notes about what is happening in geek culture. We intend to have a lot of fun in this space! 

While we take our coffee seriously — and we are very serious about using this company to help people in need — we definitely do not take ourselves too seriously.  After all, drinking coffee and enjoying geek culture is supposed to be fun!

So there it is — your first look at who we are and what we hope to do. Coffee, comics, and community.

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