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Coffee, Comics, Community. Bringing our passions together drives us to be better and do good.

  • Heroically Great Coffee

    We focus on sourcing from sustainable farms that don't use chemicals in their farming practices. We look for Fair Trade, always. Every bag is roasted after it's ordered so you always get the best coffee possible.

  • Comic Books & Geek Culture

    Out of our love for coffee and comics we started Coffee ‘n’ Capes, a coffee roaster and online comic book shop that provides premium fresh roasted coffee along with comic books from across Marvel, DC, and independent distributors.

  • Making a Difference

    "Do Good" is a guiding principle across our organization. From our commitment to helping those in need, to our partnering with community organizations, to our honest sourcing practices, we believe in making a positive difference.

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Heroically Great Coffee Starts Here

  • Fair Trade Focused

    We put all our focus into finding farms that are fair trade and use sustainable practices.

  • Specialty Beans

    The next step is to locate the absolute best, and often rarest, beans for our single origins and blends.

  • Small-batch Roasted

    Small-batch roasted coffee provides higher quality, fresher tasting coffee that brings out the full flavor and aroma in each roast.

  • The Perfect Cup

    Quality = taste. The first sip of coffee from Coffee 'n' Capes tells the story even better.

Coffee of the Week

Every week we feature a different coffee that we love and that we think you'll enjoy trying from around the world. Our small batch roasted premium coffees are thoughtfully curated and creatively roasted to bring you the most flavorful bean anywhere in the multiverse.