The Coffee 'n' Capes Incredibley Awesome Combo Packs

There is no better way to boost your morning coffee routine than with a Coffee 'n' Capes combo pack.

Two options to suit your style. Caffeinated combo packs (comics + coffee) or non-caffeinated combos packs (comics only, no coffee).

Two amazing ways to enjoy coffee + comics from Coffee 'n' Capes.

The first is the perfect combination of Heroically Great Coffee plus epic comics. You get a limited edition roast not available on the site anywhere else, plus a selection of high value shop exclusive, variants, and some new run comics to round out the experience. Not a coffee fan? We've got you covered as well.

The coffee-free combo pack is the same epic selection of comics, just without all the added caffeine (so no coffee, not decaf or something weird like that).

Each box has a value that exceeds its price pointย no matter which route you choose. We believe in providing an incredible value for your money so you know anytime you purchase a combo pack you will leave happy.


What coffee do I get?

With over 50 different coffee's roasted by our amazing roasting team we pick something new for you to try every month. From single origin roasts, to blends, to incrible flavored options. Each month a new coffee experience.

Subscribe & Save

When you subscribe to Coffee & Comic subscription you save 15% on your order

Can I get more than one bag of Coffee?

Yes, you can. Just add your second roast or bag of the same coffee to your cart. You can have up to two bags and two comics per order.

How do I cancel?

Simply emails us at 2 weeks before your subscription is due to renew and let us know you want to cancel (though why would you ever do that is beyond us).

Can I subscribe only to Coffee?

Of course! Just choose "Coffee Subscription" to subscribe to coffee only

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