Coffee 'n' Capes Episode 3 - Who's Got the Look

Coffee 'n' Capes Episode 3 - Who's Got the Look

In episode three we tackled the topic of which actors just really nailed the look of the hero they portrayed on screen. Definitely nerd talk all the way. Who else talks about these things? (Lots of people actually.)

This episode is a little nutty so it seems to go well with Harleen's Delight which can be found HERE. Harleen's Delight is a flavored coffee that is so good our friend's wife said "I didn't even need cream and sugar with this one, I could drink it as is". That is pretty high praise. It comes in decaf too, so enjoy.

"In episode three Dave and John discuss people who have played iconic characters on screen. Some who nailed it from the start, those who grew to embody the character, and of course the swings and misses. (We realized we only scratched the surface of this one so be ready for a sequel...)"

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