Coffee 'n' Capes Episode 1 - The Title Sequence

Coffee 'n' Capes Episode 1 - The Title Sequence

It all started here, as a podcast by two friends who love coffee, comics, and community. This is the very first episode we ever did (we being John and Dave). The sound quality wasn't awesome, we got microphones later on, but the fun was there and that was what mattered most. We will be posting all the episodes here for you to enjoy while drinking some of our Heroically Great Coffee™.

For this episode we highly recommend pairing it with our Dynamic Duo roast found HERE. Here is the original blurb that went with the episode. Enjoy family.

"In today's episode, The Title Sequence, Dave and John talk about Shang Chi & The Legend of the Ten Rings as well a brief conversation about Marvel Studio's What If? series, specifically their shared joy around Episode 2."

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