Coffee 'n' Capes Episode 5 - Wonder Women in Comics

Coffee 'n' Capes Episode 5 - Wonder Women in Comics

It is still crazy to us how often people seem to forget the number of amazing women in comic books. This episode was partly inspired by comments we had seen surrounding the upcoming She-Hulk series. People were upset that there would be a female hulk. But there has been one FOREVER. Just nuts.

Kind of like Harleen's Delight which is inspired by one of our favorite wonder women from comics, Harley Quinn. It's a little crazy how amazing this flavored coffee tastes, with hints of vanilla, caramel and dark rum (non-alcoholic of course). Enjoy True Believers!

"With so many strong women characters in geek culture we thought it was time to highlight some of our favorites. From Harley Quinn, to Capt. Marvel, and of course Wonder Woman herself we take a look at the evolution of these amazing women and their positive impact on #geekculture"

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