Weekly Top 5 Comics with Coffee - June 20th

Weekly Top 5 Comics with Coffee - June 20th

Welcome True Believers to our new weekly series where we run down the top five comics we are enjoying with our coffee. Each week we will share our the books we are enjoying with the weeks featured roast. Have something you think we should be checking out? Shoot us an email with your suggestions to supers@coffeencapes.com. Let's jump into it.


This weeks featured roast we are enjoying in the morning is The Empire's Roast. It's a supremely smooth dark roast and just what your team of enthusiastic Storm Troopers need when hunting down pesky Rebels across a Galactic Empire. A single origin from Thailand The Empire's Roast is a rare coffee from Thailand's Chiand Rai province. With notes of milk chocolate, honey and just a hint of citrus this might be the smoothest dark roast we've ever had as it exhibits very little acidity. It is the perfect roast for building yourself space station the size of a small moon. 

On to our top five reads for the week.


5. Black Adam - Endless Winter - DC Comics (2020)black adam endless winter bosslogic variant

Written by Ron Marz & Andy Lanning, with art by Brandon Peterson this one shot Black Adam story was chapter 8 in the Endless Winter storyline by DC. It seemed we couldn't get enough of Black Adam after the first movie trailer finally dropped (which looks epic by the way). While we hadn't read the entire Endless Winter storyline leading up to this book it was pretty easy to catch on to what was going on.

The world is encased in an (shocker) endless winter. Black Adam heads to Gotham to demand that action is taken to end the threat causing this across the globe. In typical Black Adam fashion he isn't sharing everything and it turns out he knows more about what's going on than he lets on in the start of the book. 

We won't spoil this one for you if you haven't read it yet. It's fun and worth a read, especially with the movie coming up. It is available on the DC Universe app in case you don't want to hunt the book down. If you do however there is an epic BossLogic variant out there that is definitely worth grabbing if you can find it (we did).

4. Captain Carter #1 - Marvel (2022)captain carter #1 david nakayama variant

Witten by Jamie McKlevia with art from Marika Cresta this is a really nice read. We all know the hype around this book thanks to Dr. Strange in the MOM & Disney+ series What If...? and that hype is pretty well deserved. First Disney+ and Marvel did a great job bringing us Captain Carter (technically though Exiles #3 from 2018 did that) to the screen in a series that was fun with great animation. Couple slow episodes sure but that isn't what we are talking about today (check out the podcast for that conversation). 

This book furthers the alternate universe story where Peggy Carter gets the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. Luckily we get a truncated version of that story and jump to her awakening. This alternate universe gives us a nice look at Cap. trying to fit in with London after being in ice for decades. We see an alternate version of Lizzie Braddock as well who is apparently an agent of S.T.R.I.K.E. London's answer to SHIELD (the acronym is annoyingly long by the way).

The story itself is definitely a version of the Captain America experience, but it doesn't make it any less fun. Not to mention if you are a variant cover fan (who isn't) there are plenty from this first issue to find. Though for the What If? 1:25 variant you might be paying a bit.

3. DCeased: The Unkillables #3 - DC (2020)dceased unkillables #3

Art by Karl Mostert and story by Tom Taylor this is the epic final chapter in this chapter of the DCeased saga. This is DC's take on the zombie storyline and honestly it is brilliantly fun and engaging.

DCeased The Unkillables is a follow up to the original DCeased miniseries that ran from May to October 2019 where, on an alternate Earth everything is corrupted by the Anti-Life Equation which infects heroes and villains alike. The Unkillables continues the story but takes a group of villains led (mostly) by Deathstroke and Jason Todd. This final chapter is amazing to see how this group of hardened killers become heroes to a group of kids that were left behind (one little girl telling Cheetah she's a good kitty is just perfectly done) and are willing to do anything to protect them. It really is a truly well done story.

2. God Country #1 - Image Comics (2017)god country 1

Written by Donny Cates and with art by Geoff Shaw God Country is something you must read. It's a touching tribute to Donny Cates' father and that gives this story an even stronger emotional weight.

God Country is about Emmet Quinlan who is a widower destroyed by dementia until a tornado levels his home and the West Texas town around him. Quinlan's son, dealing with heartbreak around his father's decline, fears his father is gone until Quinlan emerges from the rubble of the house holding a giant sword and apparently restored back to normal with no more dementia. What ensues is an amazing story of God's, men, father's and sons. 

1. Something is Killing the Children #6 - Boom! Studios (2020)siktc 6

Created by James Tynion IV and Wether Dell'Edera in 2019 this is something that I didn't get into until my daughter told me about it. I am so glad she did because SIKTC is brilliant!

The story follows Erica Slaughter as she tackles a beast terrorizing the town of Archer's Peak that only kills children because they are the only ones (other than Erica and the House of Slaughter) that can see them. In book #6 we realize that even though Erica has slain the beast thought responsible for the terrible deaths, the monster has children of it's own and you just know that can't be good.

Hands down a must read. Getting back issues can be a bit spendy (#6 FMV is around $60 right now raw) so lucky for everyone there are TPBs available. Do not miss another moment of this incredible story and art.


What did you think of our first list? What are you reading right now? What would you like to see on the list next time that you think is worth checking out (we always love suggestions for new books).

Thanks for all the support True Believers! See you next week.

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